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The jalapeño is a medium to large size chili pepper which is prized for the warm, burning sensation when eaten.

Sliced jalapenos are often used as an addition to a number of common dishes including tacos, burritos, and sometimes even sandwiches, hot dogs, and pizza. These jalapeños are often known as Nacho Rings, from their popular use in Nachos (a dish of tortilla chips with salsa, chilli con carne, melted cheese and soured cream).

In comparison with other chili peppers, the jalapeno has a heat level that varies from mild to hot depending on cultivation and preparation.

Most jalapeños were produced in southern New Mexico and western Texas.

Jalapeños contain a substance called capsaicin that has shown to have anti-cancer effects.

Relevant Recipes for Jalapeno

Recipe Names

  1. Jalapeno Bean Dip
  2. Jalapeno Biscuits
  3. Jalapeno Black-Eyed Peas
  4. Jalapeno Casserole
  5. Jalapeno Cheese Bread
  6. Jalapeno Cheese Crackers
  7. Jalapeno Cheese Grits
  8. Jalapeno Cheese Soup
  9. Jalapeno Chicken
  10. Jalapeno Chicken Fajitas
  11. Jalapeno Chicken Fajitas
  12. Jalapeno Chicken Smokehouse Stew
  13. Jalapeno Chutney
  14. Jalapeno Colada
  15. Jalapeno Cole Slaw (No Mayo, No Sugar)
  16. Jalapeno Corn Cakes With Red Pepper Salsa
  17. Jalapeno Corn Cakes With Red Pepper Salsa
  18. Jalapeņo Corn Chowder
  19. Jalapeņo Corn Muffins
  20. Jalapeno Corn Muffins
  21. Jalapeņo Corn Muffins With Red Bell Pepper
  22. Jalapeno Cornbread
  23. Jalapeno Cornbread Dressing
  24. Jalapeņo Cracklin' Corn Bread
  25. Jalapeno Cream Sauce
  26. Jalapeno Cream Sauce
  27. Jalapeņo Creole Shrimp
  28. Jalapeno Dippin' Sauce
  29. Jalapeņo Dove Brochette
  30. Jalapeno Fried Chicken
  31. Jalapeno Grilled Chicken
  32. Jalapeno Hard Candy
  33. Jalapeņo Honey Tartar Sauce
  34. Jalapeno Hushpuppies
  35. Jalapeno Jelly
  36. Jalapeno Jelly
  37. Jalapeņo Jelly
  38. Jalapeno Jelly - 1
  39. Jalapeno Jelly - 2
  40. Jalapeno Jelly - 3
  41. Jalapeno Macaroni And Cheese
  42. Jalapeno Marinade
  43. Jalapeno Onion Marmalade
  44. Jalapeno Orange Mustard Chicken
  45. Jalapeno Pasta
  46. Jalapeno Pepper Jam Spicy Sauteed Chicken Breast
  47. Jalapeņo Pepper Jelly
  48. Jalapeņo Pepper Jelly II
  49. Jalapeno Pepper Spread
  50. Jalapeno Pinto Beans

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Arizona Desert Chili
  2. Armadillo Eggs
  3. Aromatic Broth With Vegetable Slivers
  4. Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken And Rice)
  5. Arroz Con Pollo With Salsa Verde
  6. Art's Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos
  7. Asian 5 Spice Barbecued Pork, Mango Salsa, Frankie Wraps
  8. Asian Chicken Salad Over Rice Noodle Cake
  9. Asian Grilled-Beef Salad
  10. Asparagus Thai-Style W/ Chilies, Garlic, & Basil
  11. Atkins Cornbread
  12. Autumn Tomato Relish
  13. Avocado And Yogurt Dip With Jalapeno And Cilantro
  14. Avocado Filling
  15. Avocado Relish From The Mesa Grill
  16. Avocado Roast Corn Nachos
  17. Avocado Salsa
  18. Avocado Salsa
  19. Avocado Salsa - 2
  20. Avocado Salsa - 3
  21. Avocado Salsa Cruda
  22. Avocado Sauce
  23. Avocado, Black Bean, And Tomato Salsa
  24. Avocados With Cilantro Lime Salsa
  25. Avocados With Strawberry Salsa And Crispy Tortilla Strips
  26. Avovado Relish From the Mesa Grill
  27. Award-Winning Spicy BBQ Shrimp
  28. Azteca Soup
  29. Baby Back Ribs With Coffee-Bourbon Barbecue Sauce
  30. Baby Back Ribs With Spiced Apple-Cider Mop
  31. Baby Lamb Chops With Cucumber-Mint Relish
  32. Baby Potatoes Coated With Almonds
  33. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
  34. Bacon, Avocado And Jack Cheese Omelets With Fresh Salsa
  35. Bahamian Conch Chowder
  36. Baja Black Bean Cakes With Spicy Sweet Potato Sauce
  37. Baked Chimichangas
  38. Baked Corn Empanaditas
  39. Baked Halibut with Tomatoes and Spices (4.5 points)
  40. Baked Quesadillas
  41. Baked Rice With Cheese And Green Chilies
  42. Baked Samosa Logs With Fruit-sweetened Tomato Chutney
  43. Baked Scrod With Caribbean Hot Sauce
  44. Baked Snapper With Ginger Salsa
  45. Baked Sour Cream Tacos - Tacos De Jocoqui Al Horno
  46. Balls Of Fire
  47. Banana-green Mango Chutney
  48. Banzai Peanut Sauce
  49. Barbecued Black Beans Over Elbows
  50. Barley, Corn, Roasted Poblano And Cherry Tomato Salad