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Mint is the dried leaf of a perennial herb.

Spearmint and peppermint are the most common mint varieties used in cooking. They offer a sweetly clean, refreshing taste to foods. Peppermint is more often used for candies and teas while spearmint complements savory dishes like lamb, peas and other vegetables as well as fruits and chocolate. Mint is common to Middle Eastern cooking. Try snipping the leaves into fruit salads and rice pilaf or adding to a marinade for chicken. The classic mint julep is a refreshing bourbon cocktail but you might consider adding mint to punches, iced tea and milk shakes too. The fresh leaves make an attractive garnish to just about any dish.

Mint is strong and sweet with a tangy flavor and a cool after taste.

Most mints are native to Europe and Asia, although there are some which are indigenous to the America’s and Australia. Many think that the colonists introduced mint to the USA however there is evidence that Native American Indians were using a form of mint well before their arrival.

Mint was used by the ancient Assyrians in rituals to their fire god. The ancient Hebrews scattered mint leaves on the synagogue floor so that each footstep would produce a fragrant whiff. Spearmint was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a flavoring herb, culinary condiment, and in perfumes and bath scents. Mint was named by the Greeks after the mythical character, Menthe. During the Middle Ages, besides culinary use, powdered mint leaves were used to whiten the teeth.

Relevant Recipes for Mint

Recipe Names

  1. Chocolate Mint Dessert
  2. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
  3. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches
  4. Chocolate Mint Layer Cake
  5. Chocolate Mint Meringue Cheesecake
  6. Chocolate Mint Napoleon
  7. Chocolate Mint Parfaits
  8. Chocolate Mint Sauce
  9. Chocolate Mint Sauce
  10. Chocolate Mint Squares
  11. Chocolate Mint Terrine
  12. Chocolate Mint Torte
  13. Chocolate Mint Truffle Cake
  14. Chocolate Mint Truffle Squares
  15. Chocolate-Mint Mousse
  16. Chocolate-Mint Snack Cake (5 PTS)
  17. Chocolate-Mint Truffle Cups
  18. Chopped Summer Salad With Mint And Parmesan Dressing
  19. Cilantro - Mint Sauce
  20. Cilantro-Mint Rice
  21. Citrus And Mint Marinated Sea Scallops
  22. Citrus Tea Punch With Fresh Mint
  23. Coconut Curried Chicken With Cilantro-Mint Rice
  24. Cold Cucumber Soup With Mint
  25. Coriander and Mint Chutney
  26. Couscous With Pomegranate, Mint And Pine Nuts
  27. Cream Of Tomato Soup With Mint
  28. Crispy Lobster Skewers With Green Papaya And Mint Salad
  29. Cucumber and Fennel With Orange-Mint Dressing
  30. Cucumber And Mint Salad
  31. Cucumber And Mint Salsa
  32. Cucumber Curls In Butter And Mint
  33. Cucumber Mint Raita
  34. Cucumber Salad With Sesame, Yogurt, And Mint
  35. Cucumbers With Yogurt And Mint
  36. Dai Mint And Tomato Salad
  37. Double Lamb Chops With Ginger-Mint Crust
  38. Dutch Chocolate-Mint Cheesecake
  39. Ed's Mint Julep
  40. Edamame Mint Pesto Pasta
  41. Egg Pasta With Fava Bean, Feta And Mint Stuffing
  42. Eggplant Caviar And Parsley - Mint Salad Topping
  43. Eggplant Salad With Almonds, Dates, And Mint
  44. Eggplant With Honey And Mint
  45. Eggplant With Tomato-Mint Sauce And Goat Cheese
  46. English Sweet Pea And Mint Soup With Diced Mango
  47. Escarole Or radicchio Braised With Mint
  48. Farfalle With Zucchini, Yellow Squash And Mint
  49. Frango Mint Pie
  50. Fresh Chinese Parsley (Cilantro) And Mint Chutney

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Asain Summer Rolls
  2. Ash-E Jow (Iranian Barley Soup)
  3. Asian Chicken Salad Over Rice Noodle Cake
  4. Asian Chicken Slaw
  5. Asian Fish Packets (Le Colonial)
  6. Asian Grilled-Beef Salad
  7. Asian Pesto With Grilled Shrimp
  8. Asian Turkey-Noodle Soup With Ginger And Chiles
  9. Asian-Style Green Papaya Salad
  10. Asparagi Di Campo (Cold Marinated Asparagus)
  11. Asparagus Soup With Mint And Lemon
  12. Asparagus With Lemon Herb Dressing
  13. Astakos Plaki - Lobster In Tomato Sauce
  14. Astakos Plaki - Lobster In Tomato Sauce With Saffron Rice
  15. Athlete's Delight
  16. Avgolemono Soup With Chicken - {Greek}
  17. Avocado & Orange Salad With Walnuts
  18. Avocado Grapefruit Salad With Sour Cream-Honey Dressing
  19. Ayran Yogurt Shake
  20. Baby Beet Salad
  21. Baby Carrots Glazed With Butter
  22. Baby Chicken With Leeks, Grapes And Sherry
  23. Baby Lamb Chops With Cucumber-Mint Relish
  24. Baby Lamb Chops With Parsley And Mint Pesto Dipping Sauce
  25. Baby Minted Carrots
  26. Baghare Baigan - Spiced Eggplant - S. India
  27. Baked Apples And Chestnut Puree
  28. Baked Apples With Sherry Custard Sauce And Amaretti Snow
  29. Baked Artichokes Stuffed With Anchovies And Garlic
  30. Baked Beet Salad
  31. Baked Bluefish - {Bluefish 'In Cartoccio'}
  32. Baked Lemon Pudding
  33. Baked Potato With Curried Mushrooms
  34. Baked Red Snapper Italian Style
  35. Baked Sliced Apples
  36. Baked Stuffed Squid
  37. Bali Baked Fish
  38. Banana Couscous Pudding And Fruit Parfait
  39. Banana Foster
  40. Banana Fritters With Chocolate Sauce
  41. Banana Mint Slushes
  42. Banana Quesadillas
  43. Banana Tent
  44. Bananas Faustos With Cherimoya Salsa
  45. Bananas Foster Tart
  46. Bananas Foster Tart
  47. Barbecue Sauce - 01
  48. Barbecue Sauce - Justin Wilson's
  49. Barbecued Butterflied Leg of Lamb (4.5 PTS)
  50. Barbecued Butterflied Leg Of Lamb With Mint