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The celery plant is slender and stands about 2 - 3 feet tall. It has three to five segmented leaves, and flowers with small white petals.

In temperate countries, celery is also grown for its seeds, which yield a valuable volatile oil used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries. Celery seeds can be used as flavouring or spice either as whole seeds or, ground and mixed with salt, as celery salt. Celery salt can also be made from an extract of the roots. Celery Salt is used as a seasoning, in cocktails, notably to enhance the flavour of Bloody Mary cocktail.

With a crunchy texture and distinctive flavor, celery is often added to salads and cooked dishes.

Celery is widely grown in Europe, especially in Italy, France and Spain.

The whole plant is gently stimulating, nourishing, and restorative; it can be liquidized and the juice taken for joint and urinary tract inflammations, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cystitis or urethritis, for weak conditions and nervous exhaustion

Relevant Recipes for Celery

Recipe Names

  1. Cream Of Celery Root Soup
  2. Cream Of Celery Soup
  3. Creamy Celery Seed Dressing
  4. Creamy Celery Soup
  5. Crispy Celery Salad
  6. Crunchy Cherry Tomato Salad With Carrots and Celery
  7. Dan Boulud's Short Ribs Braised In Red Wine With Celery Duo
  8. Emeril's Braised Celery Root With Grilled Millbrook Venison
  9. Fennel And Celery Root Remoulade With Baby Shrimp
  10. Fennel, Apple And Celery Root Gratin
  11. Fresh Crab Salad With Celery Root Mayo And Tempura Peppers
  12. Fried Celery - {Sedano Fritto}
  13. Jasmine Rice With Crispy Shallots And Celery Root
  14. Marinated Celery, Hellenic Style
  15. Mashed Potatoes With Celery
  16. Mint And Celery Leaf Vinegar
  17. Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Pan Sauce, Braised Celery
  18. Opaline's Celery Root Soup
  19. Parnsips And Celery Root With Nutmeg
  20. Peas With Celery Root
  21. Pepper Seared Tuna w Wasabi & Fried Celery Root Chips
  22. Pork Braised With Celery Avgolemono
  23. Pureed Celery Root, Parsnips And Potatoes
  24. Radish Celery Salad
  25. Red Lobster's Shrimp Canapes On Celery And Cucumber
  26. Roast Salmon With Black Pepper, Ginger, On Celery Root Puree
  27. Salmon Puree Celery Sticks
  28. Salsify, Celery Root And Fennel Slaw With Crispy Fish
  29. Salt-And-Pepper Buffalo Shrimp With Blue Cheese And Celery
  30. Salviata With Celery Ragu Di Trevi
  31. Salviata With Celery Ragu Di Trevi
  32. Sauteed Carrots And Celery Root - (Saute De Carottes Et Celeri-Rave)
  33. Scallops With Celery Root Gratin
  34. Sea Bass In Celery Leek Broth With Provencal Vegetable Ravioli
  35. Shaved Celery Root W Arugula, Parmigiano & Truffles
  36. Sof's Celery Salad
  37. Spaetzle With Smoked Ham And Poached Celery Hearts
  38. Spam Stuffed Celery
  39. Spanish Cheeses, Celery Sticks And Olives
  40. Spiced Pork With Celery Root Puree And Lentils
  41. Steamed Fish With Celery And Orange
  42. Stuffed Celery
  43. Stuffed Celery
  44. Stuffed Celery - {Sedani Ripieni}
  45. Stuffed Celery Sticks
  46. Stuffed Celery Sticks
  47. Sweet Corn, Black Bean, Bell Peppers, Celery Salad
  48. Sweet Potato Soup With Celery
  49. The Ultimate Peanut-Butter Stuffed Celery
  50. Toscanini's Rice And Celery Soup

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Alaska Dungeness Crab Cakes
  2. Alaska Halibut Chowder
  3. Alaska Halibut Saute
  4. Alaska Octopus Gumbo
  5. Alaska Pollock Chowder
  6. Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwich
  7. Alaska Seafood Chowder
  8. Alaskan Fish Bake
  9. Alaskan Spot Prawns With Cannellini Beans
  10. Albacore Or Yellowfin Tuna
  11. Alex Hinson's Venison Stew
  12. Alice's Pickles
  13. All American Pot Roast
  14. All Day Crockpot Delight II
  15. All White Bean Salad
  16. All-American Barbecue Sauce
  17. All-American Clam Chowder
  18. All-American Potato Salad
  19. All-American Snack
  20. All-Day-Long Crockpot Beef
  21. All-Purpose Chicken And Broth
  22. All-Purpose Ground Meat Mix
  23. Allegheny Baked Marsh Hare
  24. Allegheny Squirrel With Dumplings
  25. Alligator Etouffee
  26. Alligator Jambalaya
  27. Alligator Sauce Piquante Over Creamy Stone Ground Grits
  28. Alligator Stewed In Sauce Piquant
  29. Almond Butter Stuffed Celery
  30. Almond Chicken Casserole
  31. Almond Crab Meat Salad
  32. Almost Marie Callendar's Potato Cheese Soup
  33. Alphabet Soup
  34. Alphabet Soup - {Zuppa Di Alfabeto}
  35. Alpine Chicken
  36. Alsatian Stuffing (for a 5- to 6-lb goose)
  37. Amana Coleslaw
  38. American Bean Soup
  39. American Grill's Apple Potato Salad
  40. American Indian Slow-Cook Stew
  41. American-Style Potato Salad With Eggs And Sweet Pickles
  42. Americanized Chicken Chop Suey
  43. Amish Dressing
  44. Amish Pork Sampler With Sauerkraut And Apples
  45. Amish Potato Salad
  46. Amish Potato-Bread Stuffing
  47. Amish-Style Chicken And Corn Soup
  48. An Unknown Grandma's "Chicken 'n Dumplin's
  49. Anarkali Mulligatawny
  50. Anasazi Bean Spread