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Garam masala in our A-Z (Page 2) - Cooking Index

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Garam masala

Garam masala is a mixture of ground spices used in Indian cooking. The phrase 'garam masala' means warm (as in spicy/aromatic) mixture.

There is no definitive garam masala recipe and across the Indian subcontinent the exact make of up spices and different amounts of each added to the mixture varies dramatically. Cumin, coriander seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper are the most commonly found ingredients while bay leaves, dried red peppers, dried garlic, fennel seeds,  mustard seeds and turmeric are all quite often included.

Commercially sold garam masala mixes will tend to be heavier on the less expensive spices (especially cumin) and tends to lose its pungency and flavor quickly after opening, as do most ground spices.

Garam masala is used both in the preparation stages of a dish as well as often added at the end of the cooking process to impart a final aroma to a dish.

Relevant Recipes for Garam masala

Recipe Names

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  12. T.J.'s Garam Masala

Recipe Ingredients

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  2. Bhuni Raan-e-gudaz
  3. Bisi Bele Huliyanna (Rice In Spicy Sauce)
  4. Bitter Gourd Pickle
  5. Black Beans In Spicy Tamarind Sauce
  6. Black Masala Kichidi
  7. Bombay Madness
  8. Bombay Palace Chicken Curry
  9. Boti Gosht - Meat Cubes
  10. Broad Bean Vegetable (lobia)
  11. Butter Chicken - Danbir's
  12. Butterflied Leg Of Lamb Marinated And Barbecued
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  14. Calcutta Pasta Sauce
  15. Carrots With Cashew Nuts
  16. Cauliflower and Pea Shaak
  17. Cauliflower And Potato Curry
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  19. Cauliflower And Potatoes (Aloo Gobi)
  20. Cauliflower Subji
  21. Cauliflower With Onion And Tomato
  22. Chaamp Masala (Lamb Chops Masala)
  23. Chaat (fiery Fruit Salad)
  24. Chana Dal (Small Yellow Lentils)
  25. Channa Bhatura
  26. Channa Dahl
  27. Channa Dal Gosht
  28. Channa Jor Garam
  29. Channa Ki Dhal (indian) Savoury Split Peas
  30. Channa Moong Dal
  31. Chat Masala
  32. Chhole Alu
  33. Chhote Kofte - Cocktail Koftas
  34. Chick-pea Curry (chenna Dal)
  35. Chicken Anarkali
  36. Chicken Cafreal
  37. Chicken Chatpat
  38. Chicken Chettinaad
  39. Chicken Chettinad
  40. Chicken Chutney Kabob
  41. Chicken Curry (Murga)
  42. Chicken Curry (murgh Kari)
  43. Chicken Curry - 2
  44. Chicken Curry North Indian Style
  45. Chicken Dhansak
  46. Chicken Dopiaza (Chicken In A Fried Onion Sauce)
  47. Chicken Jaal Freezy
  48. Chicken Jaipuri
  49. Chicken Korma - 1
  50. Chicken Korma - 2