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  1. "Southwestern" Frittata - (Egg, Cheese And Bell Pepper Omelet With Salsa)
  2. 40-Second Omelet
  3. Andouille Cheese Grits Smothered With Creamy Crawfish Sauce
  4. Apple-Cheese Pancakes
  5. Baked Bologna
  6. Baked Eggs And Avocados
  7. Baked French Toast With Cardamom And Marmalade
  8. Baked Potato With Poached Egg And Smoked Salmon
  9. Balsamic And Tomato Bruschetta
  10. Banana French Toast With Banana Compote And Maple Butter
  11. Banana Pancakes
  12. Bel-Air Scones
  13. Bistro Garden German Apple Pancake
  14. Blanching Artichokes And Removing The Heart
  15. Blueberry Pancakes
  16. Bread With Tahini And Syrup
  17. Broccoli Rice-A-Roni Casserole
  18. Brunch Casserole
  19. Brunch Eggs
  20. Buffet Make-Your-Own Salad
  21. Cardi Gratinati
  22. Cardi Gratinati
  23. Cardi Gratinati
  24. Cauliflower Pancakes - {Fritelle Di Cavalofiore}
  25. Cheddar Baked Eggs
  26. Cheesy Country Spam Puff
  27. Chicken And Vegetable Terrine
  28. Chili Cheese Souffle
  29. Chocolate Almond French Toast
  30. Chocolate French Toast With Strawberry Syrup
  31. Corn Pancakes
  32. Cornmeal Griddlecakes With Raspberry Jalapeno Topping
  33. Country Ham And Cheese Biscuits
  34. Country-Style Breakfast Sausage
  35. Crab Quiche
  36. Crawfish Pies, My Way
  37. Creamy Eggs With Smoked Salmon On Popovers
  38. Creamy Spam Mushroom Sandwiches
  39. Crepe Tower
  40. Curried Seafood Crepes
  41. Dipped Spam Sandwiches
  42. Down Island French Toast
  43. Enchilada Breakfast Spam Casserole
  44. English Muffins With Spamwich Filling
  45. Fallen Bacon Puff
  46. Featherbed Eggs
  47. Featherbed Eggs, Southwestern Style
  48. Frank's Home Fries
  49. French Toast Cubes
  50. Fritatta
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