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  1. 1-Pot: Pastitsio Goes Light
  2. Agineres Me Avgolemono (Artichokes With Egg and Lemon Sauce
  3. Amigdala Praline (Almond Praline)
  4. Amigdalota (Almond Cookies)
  5. Amigthalota (Almond Pears)
  6. Anginares Me Anitho - Artichokes With Dill
  7. Another Gyros
  8. Arakas Latheros (Peas Latheros)
  9. Arnaki Se Fillo (Lamb In Fillo)
  10. Arni Exohiko ("Surprise" Lamb, Country Style)
  11. Arni Fricase Me Kremmithakia Ke Maroulia (Lamb)
  12. Arni Fricasse (Lamb Fricasse)
  13. Arni Lemonato (Lemon Lamb)
  14. Arni Lemonato (Roast Lemon Lamb)
  15. Arni Me Araka (Lamb With Peas)
  16. Arni Me Patates Ragu (Lamb and Potatoes Rag
  17. Arni Souvlaki (Skewered Lamb)
  18. Arni Souvlakia (Shish-Kabob)
  19. Arni Tis Katsarolas Me Patates (Potted Lamb
  20. Asparagus With Olive Oil And Tomato, Greek Style
  21. Astakos Plaki - Lobster In Tomato Sauce
  22. Astakos Plaki - Lobster In Tomato Sauce With Saffron Rice
  23. Athenian Chicken On The Grill
  24. Atzem Pilafi
  25. Avga Matia Me Saltsa Domatas (Fried Eggs W/Tomatoes)
  26. Avga O Graten (Eggs Au Gratin)
  27. Avgolemono (Greek Egg and Lemon Soup)
  28. Avgolemono Soup With Cod
  29. Bakaliaro Tiganito (Fried Salt-Cod)
  30. Bakaliaros Pastos Me Kremmithia, Kalamatianos
  31. Baked Chicken With Orzo
  32. Baked Eel Salonika
  33. Baked Stuffed Squid
  34. Baklava
  35. Baklava (Papadakis Taverna)
  36. Baklava - 1
  37. Baklava With Cookie Filling
  38. Baklava With Cream Filling (Muhallebili Baklava)
  39. Barbecued Leg Of Lamb With Yogurt
  40. Barley Pudding With Lamb
  41. Basic Marinade For Grilled Meats And Fish Saltsa Marinata
  42. Batzaria Salata (Beet Salad)
  43. Beef Pita, Greek Style
  44. Beef Slovakia With Tzatziki Sauce (Kebabs)
  45. Beef With Yogurt (Homemade Gyros)
  46. Beef With Yogurt In Pita Bread
  47. Bird's Nests With Cheese
  48. Biscota Thipla Me Marmelada (Sandwich Cookie)
  49. Biscota Vanilias Me Amigdala (Vanilla/Almond Cookies)
  50. Boned Oysters
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