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Biscota Vanilias Me Amigdala (Vanilla/Almond Cookies) Recipe - Cooking Index

Cooking Index - Cooking Recipes & IdeasBiscota Vanilias Me Amigdala (Vanilla/Almond Cookies) Recipe - Cooking Index

Biscota Vanilias Me Amigdala (Vanilla/Almond Cookies)

Cuisine: Greek
Courses: Dessert
Serves: 6 people

Recipe Ingredients

3 cups 187g / 6.6ozFlour
3 teaspoons 15mlBaking powder
1/2 cup 99g / 3.5ozButter
3   Eggs
1 cup 198g / 7ozSugar
1 cup 93g / 3.3ozAlmonds - finely chopped
1/2 cup 118mlWarm milk
2 teaspoons 10mlVanilla

Recipe Instructions

Sift the flour with baking powder. Cream butter in a bowl until very light. In separate bowl, beat eggs with sugar until thick and light and add to the butter.

Add almonds and flour, and mix well. Blend in the milk and vanilla, and knead to make a fairly stiff dough.

Pinch off small pieces of the dough and shape them between the palms of your hands into flat rounds. Place on a buttered sheet and bake in preheated 300F oven for about15 minutes Cool and serve.

Jeff Smith


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