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Main Course Recipes - Cooking Index

Cooking Index - Cooking Recipes & IdeasMain Course Recipes - Cooking Index

Recipes / Meal Time & Type / Main Course
  1. "40 Clove Chicken"
  2. "An Aussie Barbie" - Emeril Style
  3. "Andalusian" Partridge
  4. "Brown And Bag" Seasoned Ground Beef
  5. "Carpet Bag" Steak
  6. "Colorful" Chicken And Rice
  7. "Complete Meal" Pot Roast
  8. "Hot" Grilled Trout
  9. "Los Venganza Del Almo" Chili
  10. "No-Rib" Ribs
  11. "Tex-Mex" Mac 'n Cheese
  12. $25,000 Chili
  13. 'Beef Bourgignon' Pot Pie With Baby Root Vegetables
  14. 'Burn Your Fingers' Lamb - {D'Agnello Scottadito}
  15. 'Burned Fingers' Lamb Chops - {Lamb Chops 'Scottadita'}
  16. 'Clean Out The Ice Box And Freezer' Jambalaya
  17. 'Grilled' Lamb Chops And Tomatoes With A Garlic Crust
  18. 'Oat-Cuisine' Horseradish Crusted Trout, Mustard Cream Sauce
  19. 'Outback' Coconut Shrimp
  20. 'Sausage' And Mashers
  21. 'Sausage' And Pepper Heroes
  22. 'Stuffed' Pork Chops With Sausage And Apricots
  23. 'Tomato Time' Tart
  24. 1-2-5 Salsa-Fish
  25. 1-Pot: Pastitsio Goes Light
  26. 1-Pot: Vegetable Bean Casserole
  27. 15 Minute Chicken And Rice Dinner
  28. 15-Minute Chili
  29. 2-Minute Calamari, Sicilian Lifeguard-Style
  30. 20 Clove Of Garlic Roasted Game Hens
  31. 24 Karat Chili -- Kathy Legear
  32. 2nd Day Cabbage Soup
  33. 30 Minute Chili
  34. 30 Minute Chunky Beef And Corn Chili
  35. 30 Minute Shepherd's Pie
  36. 30 Minute Southern Classic: Country Captain Chicken
  37. 30-Min: Beef Fajitas
  38. 30-Min: Chili Cornmeal Chicken
  39. 4 Cheese Stuffed Shells
  40. 5 Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin With Celeriac Potato Cake
  41. 5 Spice Shrimp
  42. A Fabulous Beef Stew
  43. A Glossary Of English Foods And Terms
  44. A Hunter's Duck Pie
  45. A Jellie Of Fyshe
  46. A Meal Of Boletes, Modena Style
  47. A New Styled Ham
  48. A Pasta For All Seasons
  49. A Perfect Flank Steak
  50. A Real Pie - {Pizza Rustica}
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