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A Glossary Of English Foods And Terms

Courses: Casseroles, Dessert, Main Course
Serves: 1 people

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  • Tipsy Cake a sherry-soaked pound or sponge cake with custard and cream
  • Bubble and Squeak cabbage and mashed potatoes fried together
  • Angels on Horseback oysters wrapped in bacon and grilled
  • Hot Cross Buns a yeast bun marked with a frosting cross
  • Cumberland Sauce a currant jelly, wine, and mustard sauce
  • Old English Plum Pudding a raisin and citron steamed pudding
  • Welsh Rabbit the original name for rarebit, the Welsh dish consisting of cheese melted with beer, then poured on toast and broiled


  • Clotted Cream also called Devonshire cream, this rich English specialty has at least 55 percent butterfat and is spreadable
  • Double Cream a rich cream with a minimum butterfat content of 48 percent
  • Gammon mildly cured English ham
  • Caster sugar superfine granulated sugar
  • Golden Syrup an amber-colored syrup with a consistency of honey, made from refined cane sugar. Substitute one part dark corn syrup mixed with four parts light corn syrup

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