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Semolina is the inner, granular, starchy endosperm of wheat (not yet ground into flour).

There are two main types of semolina. Durum semolina, made from hard wheat, is used to make pasta and couscous. Soft wheat semolina, also known as farina or by the trade name Cream of Wheat, is used as a hot breakfast cereal and for desserts such as semolina milk pudding.

Semolina can be used as an alternative to corn meal to flour the underside of fresh pizza dough to prevent it from sticking to the pan. In bread making, a small proportion of durum semolina added to the usual mix of flour produces a tasty crust.

Relevant Recipes for Semolina

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Recipe Ingredients

  1. Pasta Dough
  2. Pasta Roll - {Rotolo Di Pasta}
  3. Pasta With Sardines - {Pasta Con Le Sarde}
  4. Pepper Corn Pasta
  5. Pepper Corn Pasta^
  6. Pici Pasta
  7. Pizza Margherita
  8. Pizza Skopelitti Alla Romano
  9. Polenta
  10. Portuguese Farm Bread - {Pao}
  11. Potato, Roasted Garlic, And Basil Ravioli
  12. Pumpkin Ravioli
  13. Quail Roasted In Polenta
  14. Rasmalai - 1
  15. Rava Kesri
  16. Ravva Dosa
  17. Red Wine Fettucine With Lumache And Olives
  18. Red Wine Fettucine With Lumache And Olives
  19. Regular Pasta Dough
  20. Revani (Semolina Cake)
  21. Revani (Semolina-Almond Sponge Cake With Syrup)
  22. Risotto Crab Cakes
  23. Robiola White Truffle Pizza
  24. Roman "Rag" Soup - {stracciatella}
  25. Roman-Style Egg-Drop Soup - {La Stracciatella}
  26. Roman-Style Gnocchi - {Gnocchi Alla Romana}
  27. Sausage, Pepper And Onion Hoagies
  28. Semolina Butter Cookies
  29. Semolina Flatbreads With Sesame, Caraway And Fennel Seeds
  30. Semolina Gnocchi
  31. Semolina Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Crisp Sage
  32. Semolina Pudding
  33. Semolina Pudding
  34. Semolina Sesame Bread
  35. Spinach Pasta
  36. Spinach Pasta Dough
  37. Squash Gnocchi With Sage Butter
  38. Squash Tortelloni In Roasted Vegetable Broth
  39. Squash Tortelloni In Roasted Vegetable Broth - Martha Ste
  40. Stinging Nettle Tagliatelle With Frutti Di Mare
  41. Stracciatella
  42. Suji Halva (Semolina Halva)
  43. Suji Halva (Semolina Halva)
  44. Sweet Cheese Dumplings
  45. Sweet Corn Cookies - {Zaletti}
  46. Sweet Semolina - {Halva}
  47. Thai Chicken Pizza
  48. Upma - 1
  49. Vegetable Fritto Misto (Di Verdura)
  50. Vegetable Fritto Misto (Di Verdura)