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Epazote is a herb native to Mexico and Central America, although it is now grown in warm temperate regions of southern Europe and the United States.

It has an extremely rich flavour similar to anise but far stronger; it is difficult to describe its taste and has variously been described as tasting of citrus, petroleum, minty and putty.

Epazote goes very well with black beans and is used in many Mexican dishes. It is thought that it helps prevent flatulence and hence this is why many people use it alongside beans.

In very large doses the oil from the epazote plant triggers abortions in women and it was one of the main ingredients in the first ever birth control pills.

Relevant Recipes for Epazote

Recipe Names

  1. Epazote Tea
  2. Grilled Salmon With Pine Nuts And Epazote Pesto
  3. Mushroom And Epazote Soup
  4. Stewed Chayote With Tomato And Epazote
  5. Wild Mushroom And Epazote Risotto

Recipe Ingredients

  1. Arroz Poblana
  2. Black Bean Soup
  3. Caraotas Negras (Black Beans)
  4. Chayotes Relleno
  5. Chile Verde With Pork And Nopales
  6. Chiles En Nogada
  7. Chiles Rellenos De Elote Con Arroz Blanco
  8. Clad Tlapeno
  9. Epazote Tea
  10. Esquites
  11. Frida's Green Mole
  12. Frijoles (Beans)
  13. Frijoles De Olla (Beans Cooked In A Pot)
  14. Frijoles De Olla (Beans Cooked In A Pot)
  15. Frijoles De Olla Con Arroz Poblana
  16. Garlic Soup
  17. Green Mole - {Mole Verde}
  18. Green Soup With Sea Bass - {Caldo Verde De Robalo}
  19. Grilled Salmon In Corn Husks
  20. Grilled Salmon With Pine Nuts And Epazote Pesto
  21. Guatemalan Pulique
  22. Hongos Al Ajillo
  23. Huaraches Del Sanctuario
  24. Huitlacoche Soup
  25. Kurt's Canned Beans
  26. Mexican Chicken Rice Soup
  27. Mushroom And Epazote Soup
  28. Mushroom Crepes
  29. Mushroom Empanadas
  30. Mushrooms In Chile Sauce
  31. Mushrooms With Onions
  32. Patricia's Poblano And Potato Side Dish
  33. Paul's Big Ol' Boiled Dinner
  34. Poblano and Potato Side Dish
  35. Poblano Soup With Broth
  36. Quinoa Pilaf
  37. Rajas Con Crema (Poblanos With Cream)
  38. Rajas De Chiles Y Queso Manchego
  39. Refried Black Beans
  40. Salsa Verde I
  41. Sauteed Turkey With Tequila Cream Sauce
  42. Smoked Mushroom Salsa
  43. Sopa Mexicana De Flor De Calabaza (Pumpkin Flower Soup)
  44. Sopa Seca Con Hongos
  45. Soupy Pot Beans - Frijoles De La Olla
  46. Squash Blossom Quesadillas
  47. Squid Filled With Huitlacoche With Pine Nut Sauce
  48. Stewed Cactus Paddles - {Guisado De Nopales}
  49. Stewed Chayote With Tomato And Epazote
  50. Wild Mushroom And Epazote Risotto
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