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Kaffir Lime in our A-Z (Page 2) - Cooking Index

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Kaffir Lime

The kaffir lime also known as kieffer lime is a type of lime native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Grated Kaffir lime rind is added to some dishes, while the distinctive leaves are also used as a herb, particularly in Thailand. A spicy tom yum soup would be unthinkable without those leaves. Kaffir lime leaves are very finely shredded and added raw to some salads, or added to cooked food.

Kaffier lime is also popular in indonesian, thai and asian curries, it is also good with soups and stirfrys and is often used with fish, chicken, noodles and rice

The kaffier lime has a clean sharp citrus flavour and aroma. The leaves have a strong fragrance and flavor that can not really be substituted.

The leaves can be used fresh or dried, and can be stored frozen.

The juice and rinds of the kaffir lime are used in traditional Indonesian medicine; for this reason the fruit is sometimes referred to in Indonesia as jeruk obat - literally "medicine citrus". The oil from the rind also has strong insecticidal properties.

Relevant Recipes for Kaffir Lime

Recipe Names

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Recipe Ingredients

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  14. Sambal Badjak (Indonesian Spice)
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  16. Satay On Skewers
  17. Sausage Salad
  18. Shrimp And Mussel Thai Noodle Bowl
  19. Simple Red Curry Paste
  20. Sour Shrimp Soup
  21. Spicy Chicken And Green Bean Stir-Fry
  22. Spicy Seafood Soup
  23. Steamed Mussels In Curry Broth
  24. Steamed Mussels In Thai Curry Sauce
  25. Thai Beef Curry
  26. Thai Chicken Soup (Gai Dom Kha)
  27. Thai Chuu-Chii (Red Curry) Of Coffin Bay Scallops
  28. Thai Coconut Chicken Soup
  29. Thai Coconut Soup With Sugarcane Chicken Dumplings
  30. Thai Fish Cakes With Kaffir Lime
  31. Thai Green Chicken Curry
  32. Thai Green Chicken Curry
  33. Thai Green Curry Chicken With Basil
  34. Thai Green Curry Paste
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  36. Thai Herbed Chicken And Coconut Soup - {Kai Tom Kha}
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  44. Thai Peanut Butter Sauce
  45. Thai Red Curry Paste
  46. Thai Satay - Chicken, Pork Or Beef
  47. Thai Satay With Spicy Peanut Sauce
  48. Thai Satay With Spicy Peanut Sauce
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