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Chicken Chop Suey

Cuisine: Chinese
Type: Chicken, Poultry
Courses: Main Course, Starters and appetizers
Serves: 4 people

Recipe Ingredients

1 lb 454g / 16ozUncooked chicken breast - cut
1/2 cup 55g / 1.9ozSliced celery ¥
1   Cubes
1   Green pepper - sliced
1 tablespoon 15mlOil
1/2 cup 118mlSliced mushrooms
3   Vegetable bouillon
1   Tomato - diced
1/2 cup 118mlUnsweetened pineapple juice
1/4 cup 15g / 0.5ozSliced green onions
2 tablespoons 30mlSoy sauce
1 1/2 cups 355mlFresh Chinese pea pods
1/2 teaspoon 2.5mlGinger
1   Water chestnuts - (4 oz)
1/2 teaspoon 2.5mlHorseradish
3 cups 480g / 16ozFresh bean sprouts

Recipe Instructions

Pan fry chicken in oil. Remove from heat and set aside.

In another pan, crush bouillon cubes and dissolve in pineapple juice. Add soy sauce, ginger, horseradish, celery and green pepper; heat through.

Combine chicken with tomato, green onions, pea pods and water chestnuts; stir-fry for about 2 minutes.

Pour over fresh bean sprouts, top with pineapple sauce; serve immediately.

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