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Cured Pork Tenderloin With Rosemary, Bay Laurel, Shallot Bro

Type: Pork
Courses: Main Course
Serves: 8 people

Recipe Ingredients

  Brined Pork
1 1/2 lbs 681g / 24ozPork tenderloin
1/4 cup 59mlSalt
1/2 cup 99g / 3.5ozSugar
1   Lukewarm water
  Roasted Shallot Broth
3/4 lb 340g / 11ozShallots - peeled, and
  Thinly sliced - (abt 2 1/2 cups)
2 tablespoons 30mlOlive oil
2 cups 474mlWater
  Spice Powder and Assembly
1   Rosemary stalk - leaves stripped, (large)
  Woody parts discarded
4   Fresh or dried bay leaves
1/2 tablespoon 7.5mlWhole black peppercorns

Recipe Instructions

Brined Pork: Trim the silverskin from the tenderloin. Place the pork in a glass baking dish. Dissolve the salt and sugar in the water and pour it over the pork.

Refrigerate the tenderloin overnight for fullest flavor, or let sit at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

Roasted Shallot Broth: Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Toss the shallots with the olive oil. Scatter the shallots in a stainless steel, glass or ceramic baking dish (do not use aluminum, as this will discolor the shallots) that is large enough to accommodate the shallots in a thin layer. Roast until the shallots are a rich caramel color, about 40 minutes. Check during the end of the cooking time; do not let them burn.

Transfer to a saucepan and add the water. Simmer until the brown of the shallots colors the water, about 30 minutes. Taste the broth you may need to add a small amount of salt.

Spice Powder And Assembly: Grind the rosemary leaves, bay leaves and peppercorns in a spice grinder (or a coffee grinder dedicated to spices) until they become a fine powder. Remove the pork from the brine and pat it dry with a clean towel. Rub the spice powder over the entire surface of the meat.

Grill the pork over a medium fire until it reaches about 145 to 150 degrees (for medium) on a meat thermometer, about 20 to 25 minutes.

Slice the meat on the diagonal one-fourth inch thick. Serve with the roasted shallots and broth spooned over the top.

This recipe yields 8 servings.

Each serving: 179 calories; 19 grams protein; 10 grams carbohydrates; 1 gram fiber; 7 grams fat; 2 grams saturated fat; 50 mg. cholesterol; 478 mg. sodium.

The Los Angeles Times, 09-22-2004


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