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Chicken Gloria

A Graham Kerr creation dedicated to anyone called Gloria.

Type: Chicken, Poultry
Courses: Main Course
Serves: 2 people

Recipe Ingredients

  Clarified butter - as needed
1   Whole skin-on boneless chicken breast (large)
1/2   Onion - thinly sliced (medium)
1 section  Rosemary
12   Juniper berries - crushed
  Salt - to taste
  Cayenne pepper - to taste
1 cup 237mlButton mushrooms
  Juice of 1 lemon - or to taste
2   Smoked ham, 1/4" thick
4   Brandied apricots
1 teaspoon 5mlBrown sugar
2 tablespoons 30mlBrandy
1/4 cup 59mlChicken stock

Recipe Instructions

Heat clarified butter in medium pan. Add chicken, skin-side down, and fry gently. Add onion, rosemary, juniper berries, salt, and cayenne. Turn chicken, reduce heat, cover pan, and cook for 6 minutes.

Heat additional clarified butter in a separate pan on moderate heat. Add mushrooms, lemon juice, salt and cayenne. Saute for 2 minutes.

Place ham slices on warmed serving dish. Cover with chicken. Remove rosemary and juniper berries from sauce and discard. Stir in apricots and brown sugar. Increase heat to high and add mushrooms. Add brandy and flame. Once flames die down, add stock.

Remove apricots and mushrooms and arrange them around chicken. Bring sauce to boil and reduce until thick. Strain over chicken to serve.

This recipe yields 2 servings.

THE GALLOPING GOURMET with Graham Kerr - (Show # GA-0080) - from the - TV FOOD NETWORK


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