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Fish Sticks

Even fish haters and the pickiest kids can't turn down these crisp, puffed morsels of fish. Pollack is the ideal choice, since it holds together best when cooked, though cod or haddock also work well.

Type: Fish
Courses: Main Course
Serves: 8 people

Recipe Ingredients

1 tablespoon 15mlCanola oil
1   Egg
2/3 cup 157mlInstant potato flakes
2 lbs 908g / 32ozFirm white fish fillets
  = (such as pollack, cod, or haddock)
1   Seasoned salt
1   Cayenne pepper

Recipe Instructions

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Grease a baking sheet with the oil. Beat the egg in a small shallow bowl, and pour the potato flakes in a pie plate or shallow bowl.

Cut the fish into sixteen 4-inch-long by 1/2-inch-wide strips.

One at a time, dip the fish fillets in the egg mixture, then dredge in the potato flakes, pressing with your fingers to help the flakes adhere. Place the fish on the prepared baking sheet.

Sprinkle the fish with the seasoned salt and cayenne pepper. Bake, turning once, until puffy and golden, 20 to 25 minutes.

This recipe yields 8 servings. Serving size: 2 sticks.

Exchanges Per Serving: 3 Very Lean Meat.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 126; Calories from Fat 24; Total Fat 3g; Saturated Fat 0g; Cholesterol 75mg; Sodium 78mg; Carbohydrate 3g; Dietary Fiber 0g; Sugars 0g; Protein 21g.

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