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Roasted Stuffed Red Fish Recipe - Cooking Index

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Roasted Stuffed Red Fish

Type: Fish
Courses: Main Course
Serves: 3 people

Recipe Ingredients

3 tablespoons 45mlOlive oil - (approx) - plus
  Extra olive oil - for brushing fish
2/3 cup 41g / 1.4ozChopped onion - plus
2/3 cup 73g / 2.6ozChopped celery - plus
2/3 cup 97g / 3.4ozChopped green bell pepper
  (for 2 cups mirepoix, in all)
  Salt - to taste
  Freshly-ground black pepper - to taste
1 cup 146g / 5.1ozChopped chorizo sausage - (abt 1 link) - rendered, drained
1 cup 146g / 5.1ozChopped leeks, white parts only
1/2 cup 73g / 2.6ozChopped cooked shrimp or crawfish
  Bayou Blast - see * Note
1   Fresh thyme
1/2 cup 73g / 2.6ozFresh bread crumbs
1   Red fish - (4 to 5 lbs) - cleaned, scaled,
  And gutted
1 cup 62g / 2.2ozChopped tomatoes - (to 1 1/2 cups)
  Extra-virgin olive oil - for drizzling
  Blanched white asparagus - for serving

Recipe Instructions

* Note: See the "Bayou Blast - {Emeril's Creole Seasoning}" recipe which is included in this collection.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a small skillet, add half of chopped vegetable mirepoix and saute 2 to 3 minutes until softened; season to taste with salt and pepper. Add chorizo and leeks and cook 2 minutes. Add shrimp, toss to mix and season with Bayou Blast and thyme. Add bread crumbs and cook a few moments more, just until mixture is heated through. Transfer to a bowl to cool. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Open a pocket in top of fish by cutting down one side of the backbone. Pocket should be about 6-inches wide. Season pocket and stomach cavity generously with salt, pepper and Creole spice; transfer fish to a baking sheet. Stuff half of stuffing into pocket and remainder into cavity. Brush entire fish with olive oil.

Make a salsa: Combine tomatoes with remaining cup of chopped vegetable mirepoix and about 1 1/2 tablespoons oil; season with Creole spice. Spoon salsa over entire fish. Roast 20 minutes, until just cooked through.

To serve, transfer fish to a large platter and drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil. Remove fish from bone at table.

This recipe yields 3 to 4 servings.

ESSENCE OF EMERIL with Emeril Lagasse - From the TV FOOD NETWORK - (Show # EE-128 broadcast 01-19-1998) - Downloaded from their Web-Site -


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