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Dakshin Murgh - Chicken Coriander Coconut Curry

Cuisine: Indian
Type: Chicken, Poultry
Courses: Dressings
Serves: 4 people

Recipe Ingredients

3 tablespoons 45mlCoriander seeds
1/4 teaspoon 1.3mlFenugreek seeds
2 teaspoons 10mlBlack peppercorns
6 tablespoons 90mlVegetable oil
1 teaspoon 5mlBlack mustard seeds
1   Cinnamon
3 1/2 lbs 1589g / 56ozChicken pieces - skinned, in serving pieces
2   Onions - cut into rings (medium)
5   Garlic - slivered
1 teaspoon 5mlFresh ginger - peeled and grated
5 oz 142gTomatoes - finely chopped
1/2 teaspoon 2.5mlGround turmeric
1 teaspoon 5mlCayenne pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons 7.5mlSalt
1 tablespoon 15mlLemon juice
14   Coconut milk
2   Fresh hot green chilies - cut/half lengthwise

Recipe Instructions

Set frying pan over med-high for 2-3 minutes. Add the coriander seeds fenugreek and peppercorns and roast for about 1 1/2 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove spices to cool then grind in processor. Put the oil in wide pan and set over med-high heat. When hot add the mustard seeds and cinnamon. As the mustard pops put in the chicken pieces in a single layer. Brown the chicken in successive batches.

When the chicken is all browned put onions and garlic into same pan and turn heat to medium, cook until all are light brown. Add ginger and tomatoes and cook until soft. Add roasted spices, turmeric, cayenne, salt and lemon. Set aside the thick coconut at top of can, Stir remaining contents of can. Add enough water to fill the can again and add to chicken. Bring to boil.

Cover and turn to low and simmer for 25 minutes. Stir the thick coconut cream and chilies, warm and turn off heat. Serve with rice.

Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking - (modification)


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