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Chinese Chicken And Noodles

Cuisine: Chinese
Type: Chicken, Poultry
Serves: 4 people

Recipe Ingredients

1/4 cup 49g / 1.7ozMargarine - imitation
1 cup 237mlGreen bell pepper - (medium)
1   Red bell pepper - chopped (medium)
1   Onion - chopped (medium)
1/4 cup 59mlApple cider vinegar
1/4 cup 59mlSoy sauce
1/4 cup 59mlPineapple juice
2 tablespoons 30mlSugar
2 tablespoons 30mlCornstarch
2 tablespoons 30mlWater
8 oz 227gPasta
1 lb 454g / 16ozChicken breast halves
  Without skin - boneless
  Five spice powder - to

Recipe Instructions

Saute vegetables in butter until almost soft. Cut chicken into bite size chucks. Season chicken with five spice powder sparingly. Add chicken and mushrooms. Stir fry on high heat very fast, until chicken is done. Turn down heat. Then add apple cider, soy sauce and pineapple juice. Can add more soy sauce and pineapple if needed. Add sugar. Mix cornstarch and water together and add and turn on very high heat until thickens. Can add just a very little pinch of five spice to mixture, but be careful with five spice.

It's very strong. To make lower fat, can sautee vegetables with 1/2 margarine and 1/2 chicken broth. Can make lower in Sodium if use low sodium soy sauce. When seasoning chicken breasts, use five spice sparingly. Toss with noodles.

Recipe By : Rhonda Guilbeaux

Paulette/Favorite Recipes All American BBQ No. 8


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