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Spaghetti Factory Mizithra Cheese Sauce

Type: Pasta
Courses: Sauces
Serves: 1 people

Recipe Ingredients

2 tablespoons 30mlFlour
4 tablespoons 60mlButter
1 teaspoon 5mlOlive oil
10   Garlic - crushed
2 tablespoons 30mlParsley - chopped
1/2 cup 118mlHalf and half
1 cup 237mlMilk
3/4 cup 109g / 3.8ozRomano cheese
  White pepper to taste

Recipe Instructions

Make a light roux over a medium fire with olive oil and butter.

Add flour and cook flour out of raw state; add garlic.

Pour milk and half and half in the roux with pepper and parsley.

At the last moment add the cheese. Place over hot pasta.

"Make-A-Mix" by Eliason, Harward & Westover


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