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Chinese Vegetables Recipe - Cooking Index

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Chinese Vegetables

Cuisine: Chinese
Type: Vegetables
Serves: 2 people

Recipe Ingredients

1/2 cup 118mlVegetable broth
2 cups 292g / 10ozFresh cauliflower florets
2 cups 292g / 10ozFresh broccoli florets
1/2 cup 55g / 1.9ozCelery - sliced
2 tablespoons 30mlGinger - diced
10 oz 284gSnow peas
1/2 cup 118mlSliced red pepper
12   Mushrooms - thinly sliced
1/4   Cabbage - shredded
2 tablespoons 30mlTamari soy sauce
1   Bamboo shoots
1   Water chestnuts - drained, diced
1   Onion - thinly sliced (medium) separated
1/2   Can bean sprouts

Recipe Instructions

Bring broth to boil over high heat. Add cauliflower, broccoli, celery, ginger, snow peas, and red pepper.

Cook, stirring, 2-3 minutes. Add mushrooms and cabbage and continue to cook and stir 1-2 minutes.

Stir in remaining ingredients and cook for 1 min. more over high heat, stirring.

Reduce heat and simmer 1 min. Serve immediately with rice.

Lee Su Jan - modified by Bill Wight


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