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Chap Chye (Vegetarian Noodles With Mixed Mushrooms)

Cuisine: Chinese
Type: Vegetables
Serves: 4 people

Recipe Ingredients

150   Milligram vermicelli
1   Carrot
8 oz 227gCabbage
1 oz 28gFrench beans
4 oz 113gMixed mushrooms
1 oz 28gFresh mushrooms
1 oz 28gBean curd
3 tablespoons 45mlSoy sauce
2 tablespoons 30mlOil
1 teaspoon 5mlSugar
1 teaspoon 5mlPepper
2   Coriander
  Chile sauce

Recipe Instructions

Soak the vermicelli in cold water. Slice the carrots into matchsticks. Slice the cabbage, the fresh mushrooms and the beans finely. Soak the mixed fungus and then slice.

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil and fry the bean curd and remove onto a plate. Heat another tablespoonful of oil and lightly fry the cabbage, the carrots and the French beans.

Add the fresh mushrooms and the mixed fungi and stir well for two minutes. Add the sugar, the soy sauce and water and boil for two minutes and then add the vermicelli and fry till piping hot.

Garnish with coriander and chile sauce and the bean curd.

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