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Ghee Rice

Cuisine: Indian
Type: Rice
Serves: 1 people

Recipe Ingredients

  Rice - (preferably long-grain)
  Onion - garlic & ginger, ground to paste
  Cinnamon - star-anise & cloves
  (kraambu - laungam & karuvapattei)
  Evaporated milk or coconut milk
  Cashew-nuts & raisins
  (fried in ghee/butter or oil)
  Salt - to taste

Recipe Instructions

Wash rice and keep aside. Heat pan and put ghee. When hot add spices and cook till they became almost black (to release the fragrance). Add onion, garlic & ginger paste and cook over medium flame. Add salt and rice. Make sure the rice is well-coated with the fried items above. Transfer the rice to a cooker. Add milk and cook. (Important: Do not stir rice, while cooking.) When serving, decorate the rice with the cashew-nuts and raisins.

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