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Eggplant And Tomatoes Recipe - Cooking Index

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Eggplant And Tomatoes

Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 1 people

Recipe Ingredients

1   Eggplant - (brinjal) (large)
  Equal quantity - (by weight) of tomatoes
4   Garlic
2   Onion
  Salt to taste
  Hot fresh peppers - (chiles) to taste

Recipe Instructions

Roast brinjal in or under the grill or over a gas or open flame until the skin is charred. (30 min on an outdoor grill) If you char the skin before the eggplant is cooked soft inside, you can finish cooking in the microwave. Charring the skin imparts the special roasted flavor.

Roast tomato in a similar fashion until cooked. The cooking time is only half as long as the brinjal. To extend the cooking time of the tomato to the same time as the brinjal you may use aluminum foil.

As an additional treat you may include in the roasting, a whole garlic to be served on the side.

Peel roasted brinjal and include meat close to the skin. Chop with a knife or crush with a fork, depending on the texture you prefer, place in a glass bowl. Peel roasted tomatoes and chop finely. Mix into brinjal.

Peel the 3 fegs of raw garlic and slice very thinly, (texture again) perhaps with a single edged razor blade. Add to mixture. Salt to taste. Pepper to taste.

Chop onions finely for a garnish. (Use other green leaves green onions, basil, ) and garnish to taste.

Serve with your favorite flat bread. (Paratha, naan, tortilla etc.) Share the roasted garlic with your best friends.

source: Peter S.


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