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Celery Root And Potato Mash With Horseradish

Type: Vegetables

Recipe Ingredients

2   Celery roots - (abt 1 1/2 lbs ea) - peeled, and
  Cut into 1" cubes
3 lbs 1362g / 48ozBaking potatoes - peeled, and
  Cut into 1" cubes
1 teaspoon 5mlSalt - plus
  Kosher salt - to taste
  Freshly-ground black pepper - to taste
1/2 cup 118mlHeavy cream
1/2 cup 99g / 3.5ozUnsalted butter - (1 stick)
1 tablespoon 15mlGrated fresh or prepared horseradish
  Chopped fresh chives - for garnish
  Extra-virgin olive oil

Recipe Instructions

Place the celery root and potatoes in a medium saucepan and cover with cold water; add a teaspoon of salt. Bring to boil over medium heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, until the celery root and potatoes are very tender.

Drain the water from the vegetables and pass them through a food mill or a ricer into a large mixing bowl. Stir in the cream, butter, and horseradish until the cream is absorbed and the mixture is smooth. Season with kosher salt and pepper and garnish with chopped chives. Drizzle with a healthy dose of olive oil and serve.

This recipe yields 5 cups.

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