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Winter Mesclun

Courses: Salads
Serves: 6 people

Recipe Ingredients

1/2 cup 31g / 1.1ozLamb's lettuce leaves
1/2 cup 20g / 0.7ozBaby spinach leaves - stemmed
1/2 cup 20g / 0.7ozArugula leaves - stemmed
1/2 cup 118mlDandelion greens - stemmed
1/2 cup 20g / 0.7ozSorrel leaves - stemmed
1 cup 40g / 1.4ozTorn red radicchio leaves
6   Belgian endive leaves - cut in ribbons
1/4 cup 10g / 0.4ozFresh mint leaves
1/4 cup 10g / 0.4ozFresh dill leaves
1/4 cup 10g / 0.4ozFresh tarragon leaves
1 tablespoon 15mlSherry vinegar
1 tablespoon 15mlRed-wine vinegar
1/2 cup 118mlExtra-virgin olive oil
  Fine sea salt - to taste
  Freshly-ground white pepper - to taste

Recipe Instructions

Rinse, dry and remove stems from all greens and herbs. Place greens and herbs in large bowl and toss with your hands to mix.

To make vinaigrette, combine vinegars and sea salt in bottle. Shake to dissolve salt. Add oil, shake to blend. Drizzle over salad and toss to coat evenly.

This recipe yields 6 servings.

The Los Angeles Times, 12-16-2001


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