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Asparagus And Sauteed Vegetable Salad

Type: Vegetables
Courses: Salads
Serves: 4 people

Recipe Ingredients

1   Iceberg lettuce - shredded
1/4 cup 59mlOlive oil
3   Garlic cloves - minced
1 tablespoon 15mlGrated gingerroot
1/2   Red bell pepper - diced
1/2   Yellow bell pepper - diced
1/2 lb 227g / 8ozTofu
1/2 lb 227g / 8ozEggplant - cubed
1/4 cup 59mlDry white wine
1/4 cup 59mlSuper Stock - (see recipe)
1 lb 454g / 16ozAsparagus - cut into 1" pieces, and steamed about 4 to 5 minutes
2 tablespoons 30mlFresh parsley

Recipe Instructions

Arrange the lettuce on a large platter. Heat half the oil in a saucepan and add the garlic, ginger, peppers and tofu. Cover and cook 4 minutes. Add the remaining oil and eggplant. Cook, uncovered, an additional 3 minutes.

Add the white wine and stock. Stir with a wooden spoon until the liquid is reduced, about 3 to 5 minutes. Mix in the asparagus and parsley. Serve on the iceberg lettuce.

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