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Key Lime And Candied Kumquat Peel Pie

Courses: Dessert, Pies
Serves: 1 people

Recipe Ingredients

  Candied Fruit
30   Kumquats
1 3/4 cups 346g / 12ozSugar
1 1/4 cups 296mlOrange juice
  Graham Cracker Nut Pie Crust
1 cup 146g / 5.1ozGraham cracker crumbs
1/2 cup 73g / 2.6ozToasted and ground almonds
3 tablespoons 45mlSugar
1 teaspoon 5mlCinnamon
1 teaspoon 5mlNutmeg
1/4 cup 49g / 1.7ozMelted sweet butter
6   Egg yolks
2 cups 474mlSweetened condensed milk
1 3/4 cups 414mlKey lime juice
1/4 cup 27g / 1ozCandied kumquat - seeds and pulp
  Discarded, chopped small

Recipe Instructions

Put the fruit in a heavy sauce pan and cover the fruit with cool water. Now place the pan on high heat. Once it comes to a boil, drain. Put the fruit in a bowl of ice water and allow to cool. Now remove the fruit from the ice water and set it aside on a towel.

Place the fruit on a cutting board and trim off both ends of the fruit. In a small saucepan mix together the sugar and orange juice. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Lower the heat to a simmer. Skim as necessary and add the fruit. Simmer 50 to 60 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure the fruit is not sticking to the bottom. Take the fruit out and separate on a plate lined with parchment paper. Reserve and use as desired.

Graham Cracker-Nut Pie Crust: Combine all of the above ingredients together in a bowl. Now press them firmly into the bottom and up the sides of a 10-inch pie pan.

Filling: Whip the egg yolks until thick and pale yellow (about 5 minutes). Pour in the condensed milk and the kumquats. Slowly add in the key lime juice. Pour into the pie crust and bake 10 to 12 minutes.

Cool for 1 hour and then chill completely. Serve as desired.

This recipe yields 1 ten-inch pie

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