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Eggs Stuffed With Herbs And Nasturtiums

Type: Eggs
Courses: Starters and appetizers
Serves: 2 people

Recipe Ingredients

2   Hard-boiled eggs (large)
4   Nasturtium leaves and tender stems - chopped (small)
2   Nasturtium flowers - cut in narrow strips
1 section  Fresh chervil - chopped
1 section  Fresh Italian parsley - leaves chopped fine
1   Green onion - white and pale-green part
  Extra virgin olive oil
  Fine sea salt - to taste
  Black pepper, coarse ground - to taste
  Nasturtium leaves
  Nasturtium flowers

Recipe Instructions

Hard-cook eggs in boiling water just until yolks are firm, no longer.

Cut each egg in half lengthwise and carefully remove yolk. Place yolks a in small bowl and add nasturtium leaves, stems and flowers and chopped chervil, parsley and green onion. Mash with fork, adding enough olive oil to make a paste. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper.

Lightly salt egg whites. Gently fill cavities with yolk-herb mixture.

Grind some pepper on top. Arrange nasturtium leaves on a plate and place stuffed eggs on top.

Garnish with nasturtium flowers. This recipe serves 2.

VERDURA: VEGETABLES ITALIAN STYLE by Viana La Place (c) 1991 - William Morrow and Company, New York - 388 pages - $22.95 - As reprinted in the Jan/Feb, 1992 issue of Cookbook Digest


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