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Superior Whipping Cream

Courses: Dessert

Recipe Ingredients

1   Blender or food processor
125   Whipping cream
10   Vanilla sugar - (or use white sugar

Recipe Instructions

1. Shake the carton of whipping cream well, and pour it into the blender or food processor.

2. Add the vanilla sugar (see below if you don't know what vanilla sugar is.)

3. Whip the cream in the machine. If it's a food processor, leave the pushing device out; if a blender, remove the center of the lid, or just cover the top of the jar with your hand. The trick is to allow lots of air into the cream. Run the machine for no more than five seconds at a time, to avoid making butter. The cream is done when it holds a peak.

Author's Notes: There is almost no dessert that can't be improved by adding a dollop of whipping cream. Unfortunately, most people seem to be afraid of actually whipping the cream, so they buy the awful stuff that comes in a pressurized can, or spend money on expensive devices to inject gas into the cream. (Or worse, they use Cool Whip.) The truth is that making your own whipped cream is trivial, with the appropriate mechanical aids.

If you don't know what vanilla sugar is, don't panic. My mother makes this variation in a separate sugar container; fill the container with sugar, add a vanilla bean, and wait. After a week or two, the sugar will take on the vanilla flavor. Use this sugar whenever a recipe calls for sugar and vanilla extract; just remember to keep the container full. If you don't have vanilla sugar around, use regular sugar and vanilla extract for the cream.

Chris Kent


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