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Chocolate Crackles

Courses: Dessert

Recipe Ingredients

250   Copha
250   Icing sugar
25   Cocoa
100   Rice bubbles
75   Sultanas - (optional)

Recipe Instructions

1. Combine sifted icing sugar, cocoa, rice bubbles, and optional sultanas.

2. Melt copha and add to ingredients and mix thoroughly.

3. Spoon into paper cups and allow to set.

Author's Notes: Mention this recipe to an Australian abroad and he will instantly get homesick.

Rice Bubbles are called Rice Krispies in North America. Icing sugar is confectioner's sugar. Sultanas are like raisins. Copha, it would appear, is utterly unavailable outside Australia. It is a partially-solidified shortening made of coconut oil.

Michael Gigante Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Mel


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