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Pate In Aspic Recipe - Cooking Index

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Pate In Aspic

Serves: 1 people

Recipe Ingredients

1   Pate Baked In Terrine - see * Note
2   Condensed beef or chicken bouillon - - (10 3/4 oz ea)
1/3 cup 78mlSherry or Madeira
2   Unflavored gelatin - softened in
1/3 cup 78mlWater

Recipe Instructions

* Note: See the "Pate Baked In Terrine" recipe which is included in this collection.

Cook like Pate Baked In Terrine, but don't fill the mold(s) all the way up before baking. When pate is baked and cooled, remove it from the mold and scrape away all fat. Wash cooking mold, rinse in cold water, and wipe dry. Make an aspic with condensed beef or chicken bouillon, sherry or Madeira, and gelatin softened in water; heat until gelatin is dissolved and cool until aspic begins to set. Pour about 1/2-inch of this aspic into original cooking mold and allow to set. Carefully place chilled, baked pate on top, centering it in the mold. Pour on remaining aspic until it fills the sides and tops of the pate, preferably 1/2-inch deep. Allow aspic to set before slicing pate.

This recipe yields about 9 cups of pate.

THE HUNTER'S GAME COOKBOOK by Jacqueline E. Knight (c) 1978 - Published by Winchester Press, New York, NY


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