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Baked Stuffed Red Snapper

Serves: 10 people

Recipe Ingredients

1/4 cup 27g / 1ozCelery - chopped
2 tablespoons 30mlParsley - chopped
1/8 teaspoon 0.6mlThyme
2 tablespoons 30mlTomato - chopped
2 tablespoons 30mlButter or margarine
6   Bread - slices, soaked in water
1/8 teaspoon 0.6mlSage
1 teaspoon 5mlRed snapper - cleaned (6lb) (large)
  Red Snapper Sauce
3/4 cup 177mlSalad oil
2 tablespoons 30mlLemon juice
3 tablespoons 45mlWorcestershire sauce
3 tablespoons 45mlButter or margarine - melted
1 teaspoon 5mlSalt
3 tablespoons 45mlTabasco sauce

Recipe Instructions

Saute celery in butter until soft. Add remaining ingredients except fish and sauce; blend well, then stuff into cavity of fish. Sew cavity closed or secure with toothpicks. Bake uncovered in buttered ovenproof serving dish in preheated 350F oven (allow 10 minutes per pound), basting with sauce.

Red Snapper Sauce: Combine all ingredients.



Note: Sauce can be made in advance.

Sarah Leah Chase and Jonathan Chase


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