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Lentil Burgers With Yogurt Mint Sauce

Courses: Vegetarian
Serves: 6 people

Recipe Ingredients

1 1/4 cups 296mlLentils - picked over, rinsed
1/2 cup 31g / 1.1ozRolled oats
2   Garlic cloves - minced
2 teaspoons 10mlGround coriander seeds
2 teaspoons 10mlGround cumin
1 teaspoon 5mlEgg - beaten lightly (large)
  Salt - to taste
  Freshly-ground black pepper - to taste
1/2 cup 118mlPlain yogurt
1/3 cup 13g / 0.5ozChopped fresh mint leaves
  Vegetable oil - for frying
6   Pita pockets - split
6   Soft-leafed lettuce leaves

Recipe Instructions

Add lentils to a large saucepan of salted water and bring water to a boil. Cook lentils at a bare simmer until tender, about 15 to 20 minutes.

In a blender or food processor grind oats into meal. Drain lentils in a sieve and in a bowl combine with garlic, coriander, cumin, and 3 tablespoons ground oats. Mash lentils coarse with a potato masher. Stir in egg and salt and pepper to taste and form mixture into six 3-inch burgers, each 1/2-inch thick. Coat burgers with remaining ground oats and chill, uncovered, 15 minutes.

In a small bowl stir together yogurt, mint, and salt and pepper to taste.

In a large skillet heat 1/4 inch oil over moderately-high heat until hot but not smoking and fry burgers, in batches if necessary, until browned and crisp, about 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

Serve burgers in pitas with lettuce and yogurt mint sauce.

This recipe yields 6 servings.

COOKING LIVE with Sara Moulton - Recipe courtesy of Gourmet Magazine - From the TV FOOD NETWORK - (Show # CL-8823 broadcast 02-20-1997) - Downloaded from their Web-Site -


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